NUTECH Brings Academy, Industry On One Platform

The National University of Technology (NUTECH) in order to bridge the gap between academia and industry of the country conducted a day-long “Nutech-Pak Swiss Old Boys Association (OBA)-Pak Industry Joint Collaboration Symposium.” The symposium comprised of three sessions and each of them was based on activities that would go a long way in paving the way for strong relationship and cooperation with industrial sector. According to a news release, the symposium brought academia, industry and government all at one platform to deliberate on the roadmap and design of prosperous industry and ...

Skill Training Between Pakistan and Finland

Intensive talks and large set of visits and meetings were held in Finland last week when a delegation from Pakistan visited city of Turku in Southwest Finland on 14-18 January 2019. Delegation consisted of representatives of National University of Technology (NUTECH) and Shifa International Hospitals who met with some of leading educationists and skill training experts from e.g. Turku Vocational Institute, Turku University of Applied Sciences and University of Turku.The visit was organized by Honorary Consulate General of Pakistan in Finland and the Education Committee of Finland Pakistan Business Council ...

Pakistan Launches NUTECH to Prepare 21st Century Workforce

As technology begins to permeate every aspect of life in Pakistan, the country needs a balanced mix of highly skilled workers, technicians, mechanics, technologists, engineers, researchers and development scientists to meet the challenge. Recent launch of National University of Technology (NUTech) is part of Pakistan government's response to this challenge. Pakistan's economy is rapidly transforming from traditional agriculture to modern business and industry. Accelerating penetration of smartphones, personal computers, flat screens, mobile broadband, indoor plumbing, motorized vehicles, home appliances ...

Honorary Consulate General of Pakistan Visited NUTECH

We are pleased to help you with any questions related to Pakistan so please don’t hesitate to contact us whether you need information about business opportunities, education, travel, tourism or culture. Please note: with all issues related to Pakistani passports, visas to Pakistan or legalization of Pakistani documents for Finland, please scroll down for further details as those are not processed by the staff of Honorary Consulate. Embassy of Pakistan in Stockholm, Sweden is there to help you with these issues. Pakistan has been represented by a Honorary Consul in Finland since 1950. President of Pakistan...

U WATER CENTER Explores Partnership with NUTECH

The U Water Center recently hosted representatives from National Technology University of Pakistan (NUTECH). As a pioneering “university for industry,” NUTECH aims to provide technology-driven, innovative teaching, learning and research. Having recently launched their first incoming class in the Fall of 2018, the institution is eager to find partnerships that will support the institution’s long-term growth. The reputation of the University of Utah faculty’s work with Mehran University of Engineering and Technology through the USAID-funded U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water led NUTECH ...


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